Free EHR and Billing Software Available

Todd Shryock

Jan 11, 2022

Myriad Health EHR aimed at helping private practices

Myriad Health, a free EHR and billing software program, is intended to help private practices. The program is offered by Myriad Systems, which also combines the expertise of its subsidiary, MediPay Compliance Consultants, to ensure practices get paid at the time of treatment. Physicians only pay their credit card processing fees.

Myriad Health provides practitioners unlimited e-prescriptions, for free. This includes controlled substance prescribing in all states, renewals, patient eligibility, formulary and medication history. Doctors also benefit from real-time prescription benefit – they can view estimated out-of-pocket costs for a prescription, medication alternatives, pharmacy dispensing channels and coverage details, all within the practice management software.

In addition, data migration assistance is offered at no extra charge.

Practitioners and front office staff no longer have to manually go through their EHR software to text or email a patient. Myriad Health includes unlimited patient texting, including automatic appointment reminders and updates, text-to-pay and the ability to instantly text all patients with outstanding balances. There is also access to quick and accurate AI note transcribing that continuously learns their voice and verbiage, as well as a USB microphone for additional accuracy, enabling them to collect appointment notes during the patient visit and quickly share them into the patient portal.

Myriad also provides unlimited insurance claims and approvals through medical clearing house integrations. Practices have the ability to pre-approve patient insurance and accurately estimate patient balances. For scheduling, practices are able to provide their patients with convenient online scheduling, automatic appointment reminders, integrated pre-payment, and waitlist management.

Not only is Myriad an EHR software, but a full billing software. Doctors have access to financial analytics, KPIs, accounts receivable aging reports, insurance payment reporting, payment trends and more.