Myriad Systems Empowers Private Healthcare with Myriad Health

Taylor Baldwin

Jan 10, 2022

Myriad Health eliminates bloated corporate partnerships and crushing overhead with the first-ever truly free EHR and billing software

VALHALLA, NY – Jan. 10, 2022 – Myriad Systems is introducing the very first completely free EHR and billing software, Myriad Health, to help private practices thrive in the age of corporate medicine. Myriad Health builds upon the foundation and expertise of Myriad Systems’ subsidiary MediPay Compliance Consultants, to further improve office efficiencies and ensure practitioners get paid at thetime of treatment.
“Practitioners would often talk to me about their subpar practice management softwares that didn’t include billing, limited patients, monetized most features and included e-prescriptions for an extra cost, all with inflated and confusing fees,” said Jeremy Shiner, founder and president, Myriad Systems. “We looked more deeply into these issues and found that many EHR and billing platforms are sold at roughly 2,000% above cost, and we created Myriad Health to eliminate this overhead and provide great, comprehensive EHR and billing for private practices at 1,998% lower profit margin, practitioners will only need to pay their credit card processing fees.”
With every EHR software feature outsourced, each and every click passes through several hands – none of them failing to take a cut. Myriad Health by Myriad Systems is here to disrupt the status quo and minimize instances of and the need for corporate takeover in private medicine. For doctors. For patients. For free.

No Extra Hidden Fees for Unlimited E-Prescriptions

As e-prescriptions become required across the country, EHR platforms are capitalizing on the opportunity to tack on extra fees for this ability. Myriad Systems is determined to enable private practices to prosper and adapt in the digital age.
Myriad Health provides practitioners unlimited e-prescriptions, at no extra cost. Including controlled substance prescribing in all states, renewals, patient eligibility, formulary and medication history. Practitioners also benefit from real-time prescription benefit – they can view estimated out-of-pocket costs for a prescription, medication alternatives, pharmacy dispensing channels and coverage details, all within the practice management software.

Improved Office Efficiencies

Upgrading EHRs and billing softwares sometimes means an increase in administrative expenses for private practices, as an industry leader in medical practice management, Myriad Systems provides an experience that lifts this burden off the shoulders of office staff. Myriad Health provides assistance to migrate data simply and easily, and the ability to securely share data with other practitioners at the patients’ discretion, designed to keep private practices aligned to the demands of the digital age at no extra charge.
Practitioners and front office staff no longer have to manually go through their EHR software to text or email a patient. Myriad Health includes unlimited patient texting, including automatic appointment reminders and updates, text-to-pay and the ability to instantly text all patients with outstanding balances. Myriad Health eliminates the extra time it takes practitioners to manually import their appointment notes at the end of the day. Practitioners have access to quick and accurate AI note transcribing that continuously learns their voice and verbiage, as well as a USB microphone for additional accuracy, enabling them to collect appointment notes during the patient visit and quickly share them into the patient portal.

Unlimited Insurance Claims and Approvals

Throughout our product research and development, we constantly ran into instances of clearing house either not being included or being an extra cost to physicians. To further empower private practices and improve their office efficiencies, Myriad Health provides unlimited insurance claims and approvals through medical and dental clearing house integrations. Practitioners never miss out on an insurance or patient payment and have the ability to pre-approve patient insurance and accurately estimate patient balances.

Guaranteed Payment at Scheduling, Check-In and Time of Treatment

Medical offices are able to provide their patients with advanced, convenient, online scheduling, automatic appointment reminders, integrated pre-payment and waitlist management.
Myriad Systems capitalized on its background in the healthcare payment space while designing Myriad Health to guarantee payment at the time of treatment and any balance left by insurance. Myriad Health provides a dynamic, one-of-a-kind patient check-in process that includes seamless office access to pre-filled and signed medical history and HIPAA forms and insurance verification, all designed to assists offices in reducing their billing costs and accounts receivable.
To provide additional affordable payment options, Myriad Health provides fully integrated and automatic in-house payment plans with outside patient financing determined by soft credit checks and recommendations. EHR and Billing All-in-One Myriad Health is not only an EHR software, but a full billing software as well. Practitioners have access to financial analytics, KPIs, accounts receivable aging reports, insurance payment reporting, payment trendsand much more.


Myriad Health by Myriad Systems is available across the United States today.

About Myriad Systems

Myriad Systems emerges from decades of experience in the healthcare space and is passionate about the efficacy of the private practice. The company’s flagship product, Myriad Health, is the first-ever completely free EHR and billing software, designed to make sure systems are streamlined and minimize instances of and the need for corporate takeover in private medicine. Myriad Systems is not affiliated with Facebook, Meta Platforms, Inc. or the Metaverse in any way.

About MediPay Compliance Consultants

MediPay Compliance Consultants, a Myriad Systems subsidiary, assists in preserving and enhancing the doctor-patient by increasing frequency of payment at the time of treatment and reducing accounts receivable through a patented interfaced software and a copyrighted healthcare-exclusive payment processing program that affords clients exclusive protections and reduced costs.
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